Our story


is the first born from Good Brands, a project with the mission to revolutionise the consumer industry and create a portfolio of brands for the future generations.

Our ambition

is to re-imagine radically how products are made and sold.We launch with skincare products because we really think this is an industry that needs some serious upside-downing.

Our beliefs

We see business as a positive changing force in the world, rather than to the sole benefits of the shareholder. We believe that a space can exist where consumers, employees, suppliers and shareholders’ interests are aligned with each other. We also believe we can build a new business where consumers can pay less for better products while making positive social impact.

We are

Led by the serial entrepreneur behind made.com, we are a team of professionals from the creative and consumer industries with a yearning for change. Interesting in joining the team?

( check out our available positions here )